Kip's Computer Consulting, LLC.


Here at Kips Computer Consulting we offer many services to help with all of your computer needs, including the following:

On-site or Carry-in Repair

Need work done to your computer? Call and schedule an appointment today. We can go to you or you can bring it to us. Appointments often available same day.

Purchase Consulting

Looking to buy a new computer? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different options? Just give us a call and we can help you find the one that is right for you.

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Computer Setup

If you just got a new computer, but you are not sure where to begin to achieve optimal performance-we can help.

Software/Hardware Upgrades and replacement

Is your computer running slowly when performing multiple tasks or do you need dead hardware (i.e. modem, video card, sound card) replaced? Or does your operating system just need the latest updates?

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Wireless Networking Setup

Tired of all those trips between different computers to retrieve documents or to print?  We can set you up with a wireless network and everyone in your house can use the internet (DSL, Cable and Satellite only), share documents, and print. You can also play games against friends and family. 

Private Computer Instruction

Tired of feeling dependant on others to help you use your computer or just want to learn how to use the newest operating systems. With our private lessons scheduled at the times and place that is convenient for you, you can be comfortable with using your system.

Web Design

This service can be used by businesses looking to reach out to potential new customers through the internet. This service can also be used by individuals.

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