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Tip of the Month

When contacting customer support, find the 800 number in the packaging that came with your device or programs.

Previous Tips:

To protect your children from inappropriate content on the internet, have a professional install web-filtering software on your computer.

To help improve computer performance consider having a professional install more RAM in the computer. It is best to have at least 512MB of RAM for Windows XP and at least 2GB of RAM for Windows Vista

Be cautious when looking for a free antivirus program, there are many viruses and spyware programs that appear to be antivirus software.


To protect your computer use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) also known as a battery back-up surge protector. If you don't use a surge protector; you risk voiding your warranty.


Password Security:  The goal is to balance the risk of weak passwords with "user memory" problems associated with strong passwords. According to a recent study, the time to crack a password utilizing easy to obtain tools is:

Password Length Combo: Uppercase, Lowercase, and Special Characters Lowercase Only
3 characters 0.86 seconds .02 seconds
4 characters 1.36 minutes .046 seconds
5 characters 2.15 hours 11.9 seconds
6 characters 8.51 days 5.15 minutes
7 characters 2.21 years 2.23 hours
8 characters 2.10 centuries 2.42 days


When cleaning your screens, never spray directly on the screen. Always use an approved screen cleaner.

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